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[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“The Lesser Key of Solomon”)

The episode where the two sisters finally meet.

This tea party’s much livelier than the one today. Source: Project Fandom

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[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“Blood Moon”)

My thoughts on last week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow as I record everything on my PVR. With any luck, I’ll be able to watch this week’s on Wednesday and do an earlier update.

Do some neck stretches when watching this series. Source: Geoff Berkshire

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[Review] White People Limestone Ring

Halfway through its run, UBC Theatre is currently showing The Caucasian Chalk Circle at the Chan Centre. You can still order tickets from their box office. Spoilers ahead.

An adaptation of an old parable. Source: UBC Theatre

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[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“Pilot”)

After almost a week of sitting on my DVR, I’ve finally got around to watching the season premiere of Bones and the series premiere of the new show, Sleepy Hollow! The people over at FOX were quite clever by using Bones both within the show and through promos to introduce this new thriller starring Tom Mison.

You might lose your head if you don’t keep up with this. Image by Paul Shirey

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[Review] クズリが出た!

Let’s celebrate the new month with a new post! As usual, hover over red text to see additional text.

Personally, I think he should’ve been called “Honey Badger,” but that’s just not badass enough.

I had the fortune of going to see The Wolverine with my friends at the Scotiabank theatre on Tuesday (which I highly recommend, as Tuesday ticket prices are at its lowest). I was intrigued by the trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, though at the same time a little disappointed as, just like the first movie, it had deviated drastically from the book. While I am not the most genre-savvy with regards to the X-Men in the cinema (that honour goes to my friend Kevin, 1st place for Timeplay), the action scenes were quite fun to watch. Spoilers ahead (as usual).


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