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[Update] Thoughts about the Recent String of Sexual Assaults at UBC

Original post here.

The Ubyssey has published their opinion on the Take Back the Night rally.

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Thoughts about the Recent String of Sexual Assaults at UBC

This post will most likely be updated with further developments.

A map of where reported sexual assaults on the UBC Vancouver campus in 2013 occurred. Source: RCMP (from Globe and Mail)

For almost every weekend since the end of September, a report of a sexual assault was filed ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5]). If the pattern holds (which hopefully it won’t) another attempt will be made sometime this weekend. While the presence of at least one sexual assailant on campus who appears to be becoming more comfortable as the semester goes on is scary enough, I am somewhat dismayed by the response by campus inhabitants. Due to the controversial topic being discussed, reader discretion is strongly and strictly advised. Continue reading

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Autistic Boy’s Family Receives Letter to “Move or Euthanize” Him

Yesterday the grandmother of 13-year-old Max in Newcastle, Ont. received an anonymous letter urging her to either move him into another neighbourhood or put him down like a diseased animal.

The letter in question. Source: CBC


The most irritating thing about this is that Max doesn’t even live in the neighbourhood; he lives with his parents in another city and only comes up to visit his grandmother, though judging by the letter “[y]ou selfishly put your kid out everyday” (which seems like an exaggeration from someone in hysteria), this seems to be a very common occurrence. I’m almost ashamed that this was written by a Canadian. We are (or should be) an inclusive society (like the States) that welcomes all creeds of people.

This letter has been analysed and has been found to “[fall] below the threshold for a hate crime,” though it is still being considered as to if it violates other sections of the Criminal Code. It could be construed as harassment or a death threat, though the euthanasia quip seems to have been added in as an angry outburst instead of as an actual intended remark.

There is already support rallying around Max and condemnation against the writer of this letter.

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