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1st time D&D, Session 1.

After weeks of slowly getting into the game mechanics, I finally had my first D&D session on May 20th. I was pretty stoked as I had for the most part planned my character with the DM beforehand and tweaked it to 1st edition D&D rules. Unfortunately, due to players being unable to continue, my level 1 character is now stuck in stasis. 😦

Before the campaign went underway I contacted the DM and sent him a .pdf of The Noble Wild to give him an idea of what I wanted to work with. The book is part of Pathfinder, but with a few tweaks, I had a fully fledged cat PC going by the name of Locke Felister with a magical amulet that could convert his thoughts into speech.

Anywho, me and three other people began exploring a large city that is completely cutthroat and the worst of the worst scum reside here. As all four characters didn’t start off knowing each other and arriving on the same boat. As a newbie, I took what I considered to be a relatively safe choice and tail the slowest PC, who happened to have sand powers (a la Gaara from Naruto). We split up into three separate groups.

One of us, a dragonlike warrior, ended up in a tavern with a ratman, culminating in him chopping off the NPC’s tail and landing himself in jail. Meanwhile, the one who set off first (can’t remember off the top of my head as to what he was) ended up being initiated into a Shadow Cult and swearing his allegiance to the Shadow Mother by essentially becoming an assassin.

And me and the sand mage (whom we’ve affectionately dubbed Sandy)? We ended up outside a teahouse, and Sandy was ushered in to have some tea–two of them. One ended up being a temporary STR-boosting tea but caused STR to plummet after a while; the other was a tea that needed to be imbibed every month or the drinker will die. As Sandy was escorted out, I (Locke) snuck into the teahouse and swiped some black, dried tea leaves into my small pouch. I later tried to knock over the tea urns in order to get some tea out, only to have the owner discover me and toss me into the canal, where I spent hours navigating the sewers to get back up onto the main level, only to end up being a very smelly cat.

Eventually, I made my way to a square with a fountain spewing forth clean water. Thanks to a crappy roll, I was noticed by a druid who immediately took me to an oaken grove where I was reunited with Sandy, as one of the cityfolk remembered seeing me loitering around him. Suddenly the two of us were summoned for a quest when we all of a sudden had our first encounter with sludge monsters. Combat begins and with a few sand blasts and some dagger slashes, all of the creatures were destroyed and we managed to save all but one NPC from the onslaught.

All in all, it was a good introduction to the world of tabletop RPGs and it is my hope that one day my DM will come back to this so that my Lv. 1 Rogue Cat will have time to shine once more.

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