[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“The Midnight Ride”)

Modern innovation of the week: the Internet, computers, and purchased water

The Horseman returns with a vengeance.

Alas, he knows him too well. Source: Project Fandom

The action begins to pick up as the Horseman rides through the night and beheads a few Freemasons before Ichabod arrives to meet them. After surmising that the Horseman’s objective is to locate his head and allow the other 3 horsemen to ride into our realm and bring about the apocalypse, he and Abbie ask Irving to destroy it. After spending the entire show so far dismissing Abbie and Ichabod’s claim of a headless horseman, the captain is brutally proved wrong when he comes face-to-face with the beast himself. Death also shows a streak of sadism when Abbie and Ichabod discover that the heads of the slaughtered Masons have been made into grotesque lanterns.

Festive. Source: SciFi Empire

John Cho makes a re-appearance as Andy Brooks and warns Luke Morales (Nicholas Gonzalez) to keep his distance from Abbie as he is “going to protect her,” which understandably shakens him: being confronted by a confirmed dead police officer would probably unnerve anyone. My question is what are they planning to do with Luke? He seems to be trying to get back together with Abbie as “just friends,” which is more or less an attempt to get their relationship back on track. So far he hasn’t done anything really of note yet; even Sergeant Wu from Grimm had a nice subplot spanning a few episodes stemming from eating poisoned cookies.
Andy’s motives still are a little hazy: he’s not happy with Moloch resurrecting him and forcing him to carry out the demon’s will, and at the same time “protecting Abbie.” Other than creepy reverse necrophilia (but then again, we already have that with franchises like Twilight), he’s still a mystery.

I really liked Ichabod’s reaction at modern conveniences in this episode; with the same passion as demanding a donut tax, he expresses outrage at how water is a commodity that is bought.

Ichabod: Were you charged a fee for that water? My God, it should be an inalienable right.

When he smugly reports finding “free water,” we get this exchange:

Ichabod: This water was free at the market.

Abbie: So was the arsenic that came with it.

A fun sequence was resorting to the Internet when the thing the Horseman was after (a manuscript detailing how to defeat Death) had been temporarily relocated but was made available online.

Abbie: You printed this five times.

Ichabod: Correct.

Abbie: Why?

Ichabod: In case the picture vanishes from the screen like it did a moment ago.

I hope that future episodes are able to balance the humour and progressing drama as well as this one. 🙂

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