[Review] Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (“Trust Me”)

Pun of the week: Dandelion

After the pilot episode, this one tells of how Cyrus came to Wonderland and some of his adventures that Alice tagged along on.

Getting letters from her supposedly-dead boyfriend, eh? Source: Hypable

Alice decides to retrieve Cyrus’ bottle, which is said to be buried underneath the TumTum tree. On the way there, she and the Knave are stopped by a vast lake, where he reveals that he is unable to swim. Out of the blue, a fairy going by the name of Silvermist appears and immediately begins attacking the Knave. It seems that he’s the king of heartbreak and he finds out how much that comes back to bite him in the ass when the fairy has had enough of his snide remarks and lifts the flying enchantment on him, sending him plummeting into the water. Definitely “hell hath no fury.”

Via the flashbacks it is revealed how Alice is familiar with combat as she spars Cyrus with a sword and her lips. Later on at a pub, he warns her that a lifetime with him will mean that they will always be hunted down. He then gives her the three wishes which she swears she will never use.

It is near the end of the episode that we get to see how both Alice and the Red Queen have managed to outsmart Jafar, who casually kills people with his powerful magic. So far in the series, Jafar has threatened to kill the Queen and that their partnership is one-sided. By having the White Rabbit relay the rumour of the bottle being hidden under the TumTum tree, Alice finds out who she’s up against while the Queen stays ahead of the sorcerer. It’s revealed that the bottle was hidden somewhere else and the White Rabbit has brought it to the Queen as a power equaliser. The power plays here are more interesting than the main characters so far: Jafar has Cyrus (and an elderly prisoner) while the Queen has the vessel with which to summon the genie.

Meanwhile, Alice has almost given up hope that Cyrus is alive until a magic letter proves otherwise. I felt this part kind of fell flat because the stakes weren’t high enough given the format of the show; we know Alice will continue to search for Cyrus. No new revelation was unearthed, nor was there that much character development.

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