[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“The Lesser Key of Solomon”)

The episode where the two sisters finally meet.

This tea party’s much livelier than the one today. Source: Project Fandom

The past episodes so far have been very straightforward; there’s a villain of the week that’s disposed of quickly and a little more of Abbie’s and Ichabod’s pasts are revealed. This time around we get to learn the demon’s name who has been orchestrating the happenings around Sleepy Hollow. Aside from that there aren’t any real big developments.

The episode starts off with Ichabod making small talk with a NorthStar assistant before Abbie runs back and tells him that Jenny has escaped. We later see modern-day Hessians coaxing the whereabouts of Jenny out of a bartender before mutilating his body and proclaiming their loyalty to the demon wandering about. Meanwhile, Abbie and Ichabod go talk to Jenny’s ex-foster mother (culminating with a calling out about exploiting children for expenses) and discover that she’s been living out in a shack that the late Sheriff owned. The two sisters have a brief spat before being ambushed by the Hessians and given a forboding warning (of the “we are everywhere” kind) by the one they’ve captured before he commits suicide by cyanide pill.

The mystery of the week revolves around the hidden location of the namesake of this episode, the Lesser Key of Solomon, a book that provides instructions on summoning the 72 demons mentioned in the Ars Goetia. We also learn that the real reason for the Boston Tea Party is to relocate it to a more remote location and not just protesting over tax policies over tea,

What a looker. Source: TV.com

Anyway, the episode ends with the ritual being interrupted, the demons don’t get out, Abbie has custody over Jenny now, and they learn the demon’s name is Moloch, a demon that is connected with child sacrifices in ancient times.

This week’s episode was interesting in that the antagonists weren’t supernatural; they were average humans with ties to evil forces. The fact that there are more Hessians lurking about in this quiet town makes any new character we meet potentially trying to bring about the end of days. The thing I’m glad about the most, however, is accuracy of source material: the aforementioned 72 demons from the Ars Goetia and the reference to Moloch in John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost.

I am interested to see what further developments will be made in the following episode. Perhaps Captain Irving and Detective Morales will have more of an important role soon enough.

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