[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“For the Triumph of Evil”)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

-Edmund Burke

Well, here we go; episode 3 of Sleepy Hollow. This show’s doing quite well, seeing as it’s already been given the green light for season 2 already.

Sweet dreams. Source: Rickey.org

To frame the episode, Abbie wakes up from a horrifying nightmare where the figure shown above appears with sand trickling out of the eye sockets and into a local disturbance call where a woman she sees from the dream jumps to her death, with glazed-over white eyes that burst into sand upon stress.

It is soon revealed that the woman who plummets to her doom was the psychiatrist of Jenny, and all this stems from when Abbie and Jenny saw the demon and were questioned by the local authorities. While Jenny admitted everything, Abbie did not in fear of being wheeled off to a psych ward like her sister, especially after just recently getting into a good foster home. When the man who found the both of them befalls the same fate, Ichabod and Abbie slowly piece together that she is being hunted by an old Native American mythological figure known as the Ro’kenhronteys (or the Sandman)–a being that torments those who have turned their backs on someone until they take their own lives–and that she must enter the dreamworld to fend it off once and for all. In short, this was more of an Abbie-centric episode.

This episode wasn’t as fast-paced as the previous two. While it isn’t a filler (as its main purpose was to bring in Jenny’s escape from the asylum), it doesn’t advance the plot behind the story in a meaningful way. The coven (or Dunn) doesn’t make an appearance, so the ongoing battle across the village has been temporarily taken out.

A question that I have is, “why now?” Why is the Sandman attacking people now, years after the fact? It could be explained by the supernatural phenomena wreaking havoc, but even that’s not an adequate explanation. Hoping to see more action in the next episode!

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