[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“Blood Moon”)

My thoughts on last week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow as I record everything on my PVR. With any luck, I’ll be able to watch this week’s on Wednesday and do an earlier update.

Do some neck stretches when watching this series. Source: Geoff Berkshire

There is a distinct change between this episode and the pilot. For one, the Headless Horseman does not make an appearance this time around. It smells suspiciously of being used only as a hook to draw people into the series, as the focus turns more and more onto the two witch covens of the village, with the mysterious demon orchestrating the evil one’s revival.

To do this, it resurrects Harold Andy gruesomely with his head “bent back like a Pez dispenser [NSFW]” (Abbie) before snapping it back into place and sending him on an errand to revive the founder of the dark coven, Serilda of Abadon. She emerges as a burnt woman capable of wielding incineration powers and roasts a guy in his car, taking his ashes for herself to fully return and is almost about to barbecue a 9-year-old (like they would really do that; it’s a mainstream network). It’s interesting in that the showrunners decided to have the leader be resurrected first instead of some lower-ranking witch, as that suggests that the witches in general are very weak. Then again, Ichabod’s wife is trapped in some dreamscape, so that point is quite probable.

Meanwhile, the motives of some characters still remain unknown. Captain Irving appears to have a decent understanding of the events that have transpired and has gone as far as cleaning out the late sheriff’s office. And the last scene of the episode of Abbie’s sister in the mental institution foreshadows her departure from the mental institution, and she’s been preparing to take on something with her intense workout regimen.

The quips between Abbie and Ichabod once again accentuate the contrast across a 250-year gap and sprinkle the episode with some humourous banter.

What’s insane is a ten percent levy on baked goods. You do realize the Revolutionary war began on less than two percent. How is the public not flocking to the streets in outrage? We must do something.

-Ichabod Crane, “Blood Moon”

This episode didn’t really serve much of any purpose besides setting up Jenny’s escape. I’ll be watching the next one soon to see what exciting things happen in this popular series so far.

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