[Review] Sleepy Hollow (“Pilot”)

After almost a week of sitting on my DVR, I’ve finally got around to watching the season premiere of Bones and the series premiere of the new show, Sleepy Hollow! The people over at FOX were quite clever by using Bones both within the show and through promos to introduce this new thriller starring Tom Mison.

You might lose your head if you don’t keep up with this. Image by Paul Shirey

While the promo gave the impression that the Horseman will be the main adversary that Ichabod Crane faces, the end of the pilot reveals that there are two opposing witch covens representing good and evil. Another thing that the promo neglected to mention was the tone of the series. A friend of mine mentioned that this show had some tastes of So Bad It’s Good as there are parts of it that are a little over-the-top.

An overview of this episode goes something like this: Ichabod Crane is fighting against the redcoats when a large soldier impervious to bullets fatally wounds Ichabod moments before getting his head lopped off. Fast-forward 250 years into the town of Sleepy Hollow when the Horseman awakens and starts lopping heads off. Meanwhile, Ichabod also awakens and slowly gets acquainted with the changes over the centuries (such as black women being able to be law enforcement such as Abbie Mills). He and Abbie then take the Horseman’s head into custody as it discovers the power of modern-day weaponry. The main mystery so far in the show is the covens behind the scenes and what they have to do with the demon figure that’s roaming around in another realm. John Cho also makes a guest star appearance.

As I was watching this I couldn’t help but realise that there were a few… inconsistencies with some of the references they make. Like a series that finished its prematurely ended run earlier this yearSleepy Hollow draws from Judeo-Christianity, particularly from the Book of Revelations, foretelling the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The problem? Death isn’t the first Horseman; Pestilence (or Conquest, depending on the interpretation) is, and although it is true that the first horseman rides the white horse, Death rides the pale horse, which is a sickly pale-green colour.

So far, this seems to be an okay series that appears to be going all Supernatural meets The X-Files. It appears as if it’s going to try and balance the drama with moments of quirky humour, though in opposite amounts as Bones. We’ll keep watching and see where it goes from there.

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