My Banff Trip

So many pictures… o_O

Day One

So on Thursday I went off to the east to start my trek to Banff. I took a few rest stops at Chilliwack, someplace with a Quality Inn, and the Last Spike. I stayed at the Best Western in Golden, B.C. and ate at a nearby Prestige Inn’s restaurant named the ABC Country Restaurant. Thankfully I ordered the beef, because the rice with the chicken seemed undercooked, dry, and hard. Still a little famished, I went to a nearby McDonalds for a McFlurry and reliable wifi before heading back to my hotel and dozing off…

Day Two

Today I woke up at an ungodly hour to go to Emerald Lake and the Columbia Icefield (and is only open to the public in the warmer half of the year). The latter was quite the detour, as one must take Highway 93 which branches off from Highway 1.

One thing I noticed was that the water seemed clearer and bluer than that in BC. This could be because the bodies of water are found higher up in the mountains or because of the blue-green algae there.

During the ride on the bus, the driver played some songs over the PA (which, as I’ve come to find out, is from a CD called Celtic Mystique: Women of Song); the tracks are soothing, particularly Ancient Souls which evoked a sense of mysticism and wonder.

Sometime around 6:30 I finally reached Banff and the Chinese cuisine we had for supper was much better than the one at Golden; the rice was softer and stickier. After dinner I decided to go window shopping through the downtown district and it struck me as to how there were many stores being run by Japanese people.

Day Three

I begin heading back towards BC but before that my tour group took a pit stop at the Fairmont at Lake Louise. Nestled high up in the mountains, the backdrop is phenomenal, with ice-capped peaks shadowing the pristine water as people canoed across.

By the time the sun set I was in Vernon, where I had the pleasure of learning more about bees and managed to get a good deal on blueberry honey and royal jelly, too. That night was the best night of all as (dare I say it) due to strong, constant wifi in a hotel. Life is very good.

Day Four

Driving back to Vancouver! I arrived at Kelowna in the early hours of the day and got to participate in an icewine tasting. I’ve learned I’ve developed a fondness for Riesling and bought a bottle of sparkling wine. On the way back I’ve experienced my first highway obstruction and how painfully slow it was, especially when more than half the bus needs to get to a rest stop soon.

But besides that, back home where everything is. 🙂

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