[Review] Paladog

If you want a small browser Flash game to kill some time, this may be the one for you. Paladog is the story of a world where humans have gone extinct (due to Mother Nature having had enough of pollution and whatnot) and critters like mice and bears have become sapient lifeforms. Over a millennium they have lived in peace, but devils raise the dead and wreak havoc all over Critterland. Only one brave warrior stands between total annihilation and salvation. He is Paladog.

Cartoony with 9 units to choose from! Source: Armor Games


As a linear defence game, the objective is to overrun the enemy horde on the opposing side before they do so to you. This game can be played entirely by keyboard, mouse, or a combination of both.


In this game you control a legion of animal soldiers that fend off the undead and other hellish apparations. You play as the eponymous Paladog, whom you can control. To summon units you need to have a certain amount of Food, which gradually fills up as the battle wages on. These units of yours will automatically advance into attack range (note: they cannot fall back; they will either keep going, attacking anything that’s in its way or die trying) before swinging their weapons about. Because of this, it’s best to hold back on unit production until you have a wall of critters instead of serving as cannon fodder.

Each unit also has its own burst attack, an action which has its own special effect. For example, Mouse (the basic footsoldier unit) can do a leaping attack which can knock back and stun enemies temporarily. These burst attacks can be procced once they are in Paladog’s aura.

In the upgrade interface, you can upgrade units to have more health and attack power with subsequently higher amounts of gold. Successive units can be acquired once the previous unit has been unlocked and you have enough gold to buy it.


Not only do you send your units into the fray, but Paladog joins them as well! You can control his movement with the arrow keys and keep him walking with his allies. Why, you may ask, would you want to do that? That is because Paladog has an aura.

That yellow ring around Paladog can turn the tide of battles.

The aura circle around Paladog can boost all units with improved defence or HP regeneration, and these buffs’ potency can increase with Paladog’s level (the small icon in the upper-left of the screen).

However, Paladog isn’t just used as a unit buff. He can also attack enemies as well! Prior to battle you can equip him with maces and rings; maces for active skills and rings for passive. Most maces (save for the Heal Mace) damage or stop enemies from advancing, at a cost of Mana, which like Food, is gradually regenerated.

Just be careful, though, Paladog has his own HP bar which will cause you to lose the stage if it plummets to 0.


Paladog doesn’t just have the generic “both sides advance” for every stage including boss stages. Every 3rd, 6th, and 9th stage every 12 stages its own special layout.

Destiny Mode (denoted by a green icon on the stage select screen) is a stage where Paladog cannot move as monsters saunter towards him. On the bottom is a small bar that gradually fills up with either unit or mace buttons. Clicking on them will either summon or unleash the mace’s ability. It inspires more strategy to be used as you can save up on actions.

Destiny Mode. Source: Flash Games Planet

Escort Mode (blue stages) is a stage where you escort a carriage that can get attacked by monsters. Fortunately it has high defence, so it won’t go down so easily. That being said, you will need to have a wall of units to soak up the damage; do not clear as fast as possible as that will move the carriage too far up and your units will be stretched thin.

Escort Mode

Finally, there’s Battlefield Mode (purple stages) where you try and get units to the other side of the field and enter enemy territory while your opponent tries to do the same to you. There are 5 lanes that you can put your units on to protect and invade.

Your mana-consuming skills are whittled down to healing all your units, summoning one unit per row, or sending five units into one row. As each unit passes the enemy boundary, the bar up top will start pushing blue towards the right until it’s full (winning conditions). You lose if the bar turns completely red.

Battlefield Mode.

Closing Remarks

This game isn’t very special and it’s repetitive, but it is a great timewaster. You can also get this on mobile devices, which also includes the addition of another playable character, Darkdog. The link to the game is up above at the top of the post. Enjoy!

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