[Review] Zero Hour (the unfortunately cancelled TV series)

This series had 13 episodes. Could that have anything to do with a swift end? Source: TV Film News

This past TV season quite a number of shows didn’t live past their season 1. ABC’s Zero Hour was one of them. It lasted for 2 or 3 episodes during its original time slot on Thursdays at 8 but was rescheduled to air in the summer due to low ratings. Spoilers ahead.

The owner of a sceptic’s magazine, Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards), is plunged into action when his wife Laila (Jacinda Barrett) has been captured by the notorious killer White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist). Vincent blackmails Hank into finding the rest of the remaining clocks that are part of a set to the one Laila found at an antique sale. He teams up (on-and-off) with Special Agent Rebecca “Beck” Riley (Carmen Ejogo) to catch White Vincent, save Laila, and find all the clocks before he does.

The first 2 or 3 episodes focus on finding the clocks scattered across the globe. Although this is the primary plot of the series, Hank comes across a doppelganger of his in the Arctic. It is later revealed that this was a Nazi officer who also happened to be one of the new twelve apostles and that each clock leads to the next apostle.

Of course, due to being screwed by the network, but being allowed to continue for the rest of its run, the series had to go through a lot of rewrites, the most glaring of which is the discovery of the remaining clocks in one place, something that would have dragged out to discovering one clock an episode. This also had the jarring effect of Laila’s reveal as an Australian nun immediately after she reunites with Hank.

The overall plot was somewhat predictable, especially with Hank and Vincent being clones of their mid 20th-century counterparts. The whole ploy to rebirth an exact copy of Jesus Christ was a bit out there, though. Granted, it is supposed to be a little mysterious, but the supernatural events that arise when CEO of the Trust 41 Melanie Lynch (Amy Irving) is impregnated with the Jesus embryo seemed to cross the boundaries established by the film, creating a situation that the self-help book How Not To Write a Novel calls a folie adieu.

This show could have unleashed more potential if it wasn’t untimely cancelled. Nevertheless, at least it got resolved unlike so many other cancelled TV series.

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