Recent Death of Cory Monteith

Exactly 7 days ago the entertainment world was shaken with the death of one of Glee’s stars, Cory Monteith, whom you may have seen as Finn Hudson on the hit FOX series. He was found in a room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim in my lovely city of Vancouver, BC. The cause of death was listed as a mixture of heroin and alcohol, and his body has since been cremated. As much as I would love to  go on a tirade about the dangers of mixing chemical substances (particularly psychotropic drugs), I will refrain from doing so, as I’m sure someone else has done already and he was a very amicable guy.

Although I haven’t watched Glee in months (nor do I have the same interest in it as I did when it first premiered on FOX), I still remember how we were introduced to Finn Hudson through singing in the boy’s locker room showers and being blackmailed by Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) into joining the glee club for the rest of his high school life. Even after he graduated he came back for a while to help out; he has been integral to the foundation of the glee club, and that brings up a whole new problem: the continuation of the show.

For those of you not in the know, his character Finn Hudson narrates all the brief recaps in each episode and can be considered one of the prominent protagonists of the ensemble cast. Spoilers ahead, but you readers probably know them already.

One of the many times you’ll see him at the front.

From where I left off on the show, Finn had travelled all the way to New York to reunite with Rachel (Lea Michele) by showing who’s boss by punching out Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) and reclaiming her. So now the real question remains: how are they going to write him out? Furthermore, can a show like this survive?

A few of you may remember an episode from the most recent season titled “Shooting Star,” which had Becky Jackson (Lauren Potter) bring a gun into school and accidentally set it off. The controversy behind it was brought up in a few articles, but a sentence of this one really stands out:

The real reason why “Glee” and “One Tree Hill” failed [in addressing school shootings] is because, due to the nature of their genre, they have to move on.

-Carina Adly MacKenzie

The same thing applies here: no matter how they address Finn’s disappearance,  the show would have to change drastically to honour Monteith’s name, which would end up changing the tone of the entire show onwards. The show relies on maintaining a status quo: even when there are heartwrenching moments such as Sue’s sister passing away or Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) attempting suicide, later episodes will do a mention at best and then carry on with singing and gags. They can’t do that to someone who’s been around for the entirety of the show, from its conception, from its pilot episode and expect that to have the same effect.

My opinion? They should just end the series. The season 3 finale would have been a great place for it to end (especially with an amazing last shot of Rachel walking into New York to begin her life at NYADA), but now that’s it past that, a special would be helpful in tying up loose ends.

On July 17th a clip of Jay Leno interviewing Jane Lynch was broadcast. I admire her for being able to go on air after such a hard week and still manage to maintain her composure.

I haven’t really seen Monteith in anything besides this show, save for this one SyFy TV movie titled Hybrid (and that was… an interesting movie). While wishes don’t do much for people no longer on this earth, my thoughts go out to his family, his co-workers on the show, and Lea Michele.

May he rest in peace. (1982-2013)

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