Verdict of George Zimmerman’s Trial

Still maintaining radio silence. (Source: BBC News)

After the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman from a second-degree murder charge of Trayvon Martin, people have organised protests (some violent) and death threats have been uttered against Zimmerman’s family. While the outrage is understandable, it has crossed the line with these actions.

The aftermath will have to do as Zimmerman’s punishment. With worldwide outrage (greater that what would have been had he been convicted), Zimmerman will face scorn and dirty looks for the majority of the rest of his life. Whatever reputation he has left has been tarnished.

Many people are crying out for blood (such as the 2012 Black Panthers video putting a $10,000 bounty on his head) and  the justice system is attempting to mitigate this by arraigning him on civil charges (and holding his gun as evidence). The problem is that there was not enough evidence to suggest anything past reasonable doubt. That fault lies with the evidence presented or the interpretation given on it. After all, many have preached “innocent until proven guilty” though in this case it seems to have been a complete turnaround. I will not delve into why that may be the case, but it is surprising to see a departure from the usual tenet of law.

It’s also remarkable with the lengths that the all-woman jury for the case has since been demonised for being all female and (with the exception of one) all white, not to mention an un-newsworthy article of them going shopping in their free time (even if they are using taxpayer money).

Yes, the night of the death is still very fishy. Why was a self-appointed neighbourhood watch head prowling about at night tailing a 17-year old despite being told by a dispatcher not to? Why did he attempt to hide his financial assets from the court?

What’s done is done. Double jeopardy won’t happen. He’ll be judged by the majority of society in all of his waking hours.

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